The 9 is Back!



Ninthward Skis are back under new ownership. In August of 2015 Styza, LLC took over control of the Ninthward brand with plans to re launch the iconic ski brand immediately. In January of 2016 Ninthward released it’s first Limited Edition ski handmade in Denver, CO.

Ninthward will remain true to it’s roots as a brand created in the streets and the grassroots culture of skiing. 9 for life is our motto and how we are running the business from here on out. This brand is here to stay and make waves in skiing again. Be on the look out for BIG things to come from the Ninthward Family.

All our skis ship from Salt Lake City, UT, all orders to the US and Canada include FREE SHIPPING (Ground 7-10 Days).

Any questions reach out to us at or 385.234.1330